Bee N' Crafty -  Painting and Craft Studio
JULY 2014

July 1st:
Two for Tuesday 
Pay 1 studio fee per 2 people

July 2nd:
Studio is open from 10-4 
The Art Hive, a local artist exhibit will be held from 6-11 pm 
Please walk in and enjoy great works of art and refreshments

July 3:
$3 studio fee all day

July 4th:
Closed for Fourth of July
Enjoy your holiday!

July 5th:
Adult painting class from 7-9 pm
$30 a class includes snacks, a 16. X 20 canvas and instruction 
Registration is required
Abstract splatter painting class

July 7:
No studio fee on glass items

July 8th:
Twofor Tuesday
Pay 1 studio fee for every 2 people
Studio closed from 4-7 for a private party

July 9 th:
Sign up for kids summer classes

July 10th:
Kids Art Class
6-8 pm
Canvas painting , dogs

July 11:
$2 studio fee from 5-9 pm

July 12:
Closed studio for party from 12-2:00
Closed studio for party from  4-6:00
Adult Art Class from 7-9 pm 
$30 registration is required 
Starry night class

July  14:
Sign up for summer classes

July 15
Adult class from 6-8 pm
Hosted by Layes 
$40 a class registration is required 

July 16:
Ask us about booking a party
July 17:
Kids art class
From 6-8 pm 
Canvas painting 
Picasso replica

July 18:
Date night
Free studio fee from 5-9 pm

July 19:
Free face painting all day!!
Adult class from 7-9 pm 
$30 a class 
Registration required 
Canvas painting 
Landscape paintings

July 21:
Free studio fee from 10-3:00 pm

July 22:
Two for Tuesday
2 people pay  1 paint fee

July 23:
 Sign up for kids more summer class

July 24:
Kids art class from 6-8 pm
Clay making class
$20 a class 

July 25: 
Free studio fee from 5-9 pm

July 26:
Studio closed from 11-1 for a private event
Adult art class 
Hosted by Layes 
$40 a class registration is required 7-9 pm

July 27
Kids animal sculpting class from 2-3:30pm 
$30 a class kids sculpt and paint their favorite animals and get their face painted as well.  Registration is required

July  28:
Free studio fee from 10-3:O0 pm
 July 29: 
Two for Tuesday
2 people pay 1 studio fee
July 30:
Call today to receive a free birthday child with  reserving a party today only!!
July 31:
Kids art class
Slime making 6-8 pm 
$20 class
Studio Closed for Private Party 12:30-2:00

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