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Fundraiser Facts: 

Bee N Crafty can host your fundraiser in the Bee N Crafty Studio or at an allowed outside location.

Bee N Crafty Studio we can host up to 30 guests at a time

Bee N Crafty can accommodate up to 110 guests if space allows at an outside location.

Bee N Crafty requires a minimum guests of 10 for in-studio fundraiser, and 20 if at an outside location.

Bee N Crafty charges per participants over the minimum number required accepting payments in cash, check or credit cards the day of the event. 

Fundraisers can be reserved for any day or time, and usually last for 2 hours long.

Fundraiser in the Bee N Crafty studio has a private lot of time for 3 hours for their event. 

Bee N Crafty can  create custom paintings for your group and assist with creating a flyer and marketing your event as well per request. 

Fundraiser on average price their events atleast double of the price Bee N Crafty offers.

Bee N Crafty requires a $50 non refundable deposit that will be deducted from your final balance the day of the event.

Bee N Crafty will charge a traveling fee for a location more than 30 miles from the Bee N Crafty Studio in Nutley NJ. 


  .      Bee N Crafty will supply all easels, canvas, brushes, paints, an instruction for $15 a person for a 16 x 20 canvas. Fundraiser hosts can choose from a given sample of paintings for your guest to be instructed through. 


  Bee N Crafty will supply all glasses, brushes, paints,for $10 a glass.  Wine glasses must be fired so the Bee N Crafty staff will bring them back to our studio where they will be ready to be picked up within two weeks. NJ. 

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